"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada

First impression last and I believe that people judged by their physical attributes and clothing is an important part of it.

Clothes can showcase someones personality although we can't judge other the way they wear the clothes though dressing well is essential and it explains one's personality.

For example in school, If your uniform is neat and well ironed your teacher or classmate might think that you're a clean person.

Another example is when you go to job interview and you're clothes is not appropriate with it, how the interviewer hired you if delivered them a negative one.

Dressing well also increase someone's confident; by dressing up they can socialize to others and be more productive in every single day.

When it comes to dressing everyone has their own prespective some may say "I can wear whatever I want"

or "I'm afraid wearing reaveling clothes because nowadays people might misinterpret me".

Just sharing some scenario;

for example those people who's been a victim of catcalling if you ask them what they wear that time, most of them saying "I wore a proper clothes" A

lthough I believe that dressing well can define someone's personality I also believe that you can't treat people badly because of their clothing or the way they dress.


Let people wear what they want, it's a part of fashion.

Let's cut our ties to those people who pull us down because of our style. OUR BODY, OUR RULES ‼️✨

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