Dressing Up to Lighten Up!

Dressing Up to Lighten Up!

Recall a time when you wore your dreamiest dress during a friend’s wedding or a gala night, you sure did feel like a queen to be crowned, didn’t you?

Your hubby couldn’t stop staring at you, and your friends kept taking selfies with you!

How about that vibrant blouse you showed up in during high school reunion?

It made you feel confident and ready to seize the day with your best friends.

You were the energy supply of the gang that day!

How about that collared, long-sleeved top you swore gave you luck during a job interview?

You did not just look smart, you felt the same way too, and even the company was impressed.

Take this “homework” to another level and open your closet, pick out different clothes and reminisce how you transformed the day you wore them,

and what side of you did your family, friends, and colleagues see.

It’s an exciting task because the answers are different in their own way, but one fact emerges:

How you dress up does affect yourself and the people around you!

We’re still living in tough times, what with the Covid-19 pandemic still soaking everybody’s spirits.

But you mommies have been given the power to combat the dreary mood, fashionably!

Colors, and various cuts and styles are our armors in the fight to win our own, and our loved ones’ moods and emotions.

Why don’t we refresh our color psychology?

Black and red make you fierce, yellow makes you bubbly, purple turns you into royalty, pink brings out the feminine in you, and shades of green and blue bring about calming vibes.

If you have a fifth grader at home stressing out with remote learning, why don’t you set up a nice movie night with one fun rule: Everyone dresses up in their bluest outfit!

It’s not just about the colors, mind you, it’s also about style and design.

If you have a teenage daughter who might be feeling anxious with all the uncertainty of our national situation, why not wear small symmetrical and repeating patterns?

Visually, this is predictable and calming. Wear the same outfit together, and you have an instant mother-daughter bonding moment!

Dressing up might not get rid of our quarantine levels, but if you do it right, you are doing yourself, your family, and your friends a huge favor by influencing mental states in a crucial time like this.

If you feel like you need more relaxing shades, or huge patterns, or whatever your mommy instinct tells you, Marthena Mercier definitely has them!

Here’s a fun thing to do, as you browse our wide collection of quality fabrics, feel the impression each masterpiece makes on you.

And if a dress, a top, or a certain pants set brightens your mood, don’t hesitate to add them to your cart!

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